Jumanji (prod. ฬเןl)

by Jalal Salaam

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Ziad Hakim Jalal is so ill. So refreshing to hear lyrical wisdom in hip hop. Truly a work of art.
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Snakes in the grass
I got no real
Fans but everyone's my fam
Turtles with the eggs
That they dug in the sand
Where cactus is king
Money's not the dream
But i need it
to compete
Silence of the lambs
Look how im leading
all the sheep
to the lions den
God left the earth
to the meek
you a dog
that's a
Wolf on a leech
You was trained
To be weak
You good you might get
A treat
In the swamp...
In the swamp
With the heat
And the fog is So thick
I look around but can't see
If there's a God
He's nothing like me
You a fly
I'm the frog
you like the
That I eat
In the bog
In the muck
Where it stinks
The crocodile laughs every time he shows his teeth cause he knows
He's about to eat
The cheetah use it feet
While the zebras had to flee
It's the way it had to be

We couldn't breathe without
Trees though
Still we cutting down trees though
Polluting all the seas though
But no one really sees though
What's a flower to a bee though?
If it's only all
about the honey ?
A butterfly
Got a caterpillar
Looking ugly
I never seen a fox that wasn't
Cunning though
Always ran for a bunny
Deer can get
killed when a human tries
To go
hunting though
Trust me
Every part of the body
Can be used for something
It all about how you gut it
Survival of the fittest
It ain't division but
Not every
Species gonna cut it
You're a bird in a cage though
With your wings clipped
That's a life full of suffering
Cause any way you try to flip it
A bird not flying in sky
Is a bird not really living and
The bear never let the winter get him
And the salmon
Always kept swimming
I ain't talking
No monkey business
I've been Inside
For a minute...


released January 1, 2015
Lyrics by Jalal Salaam
(prod. ฬเןl)



all rights reserved


Jalal Salaam New York, New York

Jalal Salaam Al Hakim

▲▲▲God threw the stone.I was the stone ▲▲▲ a style without style

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